Optimization, Upgrade and Tune Up Service

This targeted service is geared to those merchants who have been accepting credit cards for a while and now have a track record of being responsible and are growing but now would like to see what they could do better.

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Lower False Positives

One thing that kills sales and lowers customer confidence is false positives.  We can help you optimize your fraud systems to keep these good customer insults to a minimum.

Improve Costs

Startups use whatever tools they can find.  Now that you're established we can probably get you with top tier acquirers and providers Now that you have grown to a higher volume we can work to negotiate better rates!

Optimize Processes

Young companies often lack process and procedure to keep moving fast but as the company grows they need to review and optimize, upgrade and tune-up.  We can help.

Optimize, Upgrade and Tune-Up


Just like cars need tune ups, so do companies.  CNPMentors can help you to avoid big problems down the road by periodically reviewing your systems, processes and procedures.  We can look at your business and find areas to improve quickly since we've been here before.  Anything from checking out your customer support, reviewing your processing statements to recommending new or adjusted fraud rules.  This service can be adjusted to meet your goals.  Give us a call or email and let's discuss.

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