Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs Mini-Course

In this course, CNPMentors founder and Payments and Fraud Industry Expert, Scott Adams, will help you learn what the Monitoring Programs are, how they work and get on your way to getting out of this dreaded.

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Learn what the Dispute/Fraud Monitoring Programs are


Learn why your business ended up in these monitoring programs


Learn how to start lowering your rates to get out of the programs

Learn the What, Why and How of the Chargeback,
Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs

Credit cards were designed way before the internet was even a dream. They were created so catalog companies could get paid faster and without dealing with checks and cash. When Visa, Mastercard and other card brands came up with the monitoring programs, the internet still wasn't around and now that it is, the ecosystem is just starting to evolve, but it's really rough going.

Lots of changes have happened in the last few years. Some of those have been good for merchants but others, like the threshold rate of 0.9%,has just made it harder. Then, to make things worse, tons more merchants jumped in to Card Not Present processing due to COVID. This brought lots of new, uneducated to CNP, merchants and also a bunch of new fraud bad actors to take advantage of them.  

If you recently got a notice that you're in the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (VFMP), Visa Dispute Monitoring Program (VDMP), Mastercard Chargeback Monitored Merchant (CMM) or Mastercard Excessive Chargeback Merchant (ECM) programs or just need to get your chargebacks lower fast, this program is for you.

Learn from industry expert, Scott Adams, what these programs are, how you likely got in them and start on your way to getting out of them.  Scott goes through the basics and provides some tips to lower your rates and to navigate the programs. He's helped numerous merchants get through what he likes to call, "Chargeback Hell" and now he's passing on his knowledge via CNPMentors.

Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs

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