The core of CNPMentors is to provide high quality expert level educational content to the industry in an affordable format.

We will have many classes on demand along with live webinars that will teach Payments, Fraud, Risk and other ecomm topics from beginner to expert.  

This material will be accessed via our Membership portal.  

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CNPMentors has mini-courses designed to get you up to speed on a topic fast.  Generally less than 30 minutes so quick to watch and easy to digest.  Generally more basic subjects.  These will most often be free or very low cost.

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Our CNPMentors classes will be more in depth classes that dive deeper in to a subject.  We also will have tracks of classes that cover a related subjects.  These may lead to certificates.

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News, Updates, Interviews

CNPMentors will also have free videos around industry updates and news plus we are lining up some webinars and interviews with others in our industry.  Things change fast so we have to stay up to date with what's new in the industry.

Events and Publications

Live/Zoom Training, Custom material and Event Speaking

Any of our classes or subjects can also be taught Live - in person or via Zoom and can be tailored to your company.  If you have a group of new trainees or just want some training specific to you just let us know.  Remember too that Scott is a trained keynote speaker and can speak with you, do a keynote or a breakout at industry events or your private events too.

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