CNPMentors Classes and Content

Current and Coming Soon


Mini-Courses are short classes to get you up to date on a topic quickly.  These will mostly be on the basic side or they may cover quick updates or industry changes.

Our first is ...
Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs


CNPMentors classes are in the works now.  These are longer and go deeper than our mini-courses.  Some will lead to a certificate.

See our first hour class below and more coming.

Coming soon ... 
Payments 101
Ecosystem 101

Our first hour long class ... 

Our first in our basic series of classes, Intro to Chargebacks and Disputes covers the basics that all merchants need to know and should have been taught before they got a merchant account.  

News, Updates and Interviews

We are working on lining up some industry interviews, adding some updates and news and will launch these soon.

Also check our Events and Publications section for webinars and other events.

We want your feedback and ideas

Please let us know what you'd like to learn about in our classes or mini-courses, what events you'll be attending, webinars you want to see us on and updates you'd like our take on.

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