Introduction to Chargebacks and Disputes

In this course, CNPMentors founder and Payments and Fraud Industry Expert, Scott Adams, will help you learn what Chargebacks and Disputes are, a bit about the payments ecosystem, how chargebacks work and a little on how to stop them. 

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Learn the basics of chargebacks and disputes

Chargebacks and Disputes have been part of the credit card and payments ecosystem since the very beginning of commerce and were designed way before the "E" was added and way before the Internet existed.  Thus, they are unfair and difficult to manage for new and experienced merchants alike.  For the new merchant though, they are very unfair since they aren't often told even what they are and, for sure, aren't told how to stop them.  The system is stacked against them and against all merchants.

This course is the start of what merchants should be told BEFORE they sign up for a merchant account.  Without the knowledge the merchant has no way of being successful in growing their business.  We believe that once the merchant has the base level of knowledge they will have a much greater possibility of growing safely and without getting in to trouble with the card brands and thus having a thriving business.

Learn from industry expert, Scott Adams,  what chargebacks and disputes are, how the system works and start learning how to have way less of them.   He's helped numerous merchants get through what he likes to call, "Chargeback Hell" and now he's passing on his knowledge via CNPMentors.

Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs

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