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A different kind of consulting company

Our founder, Fraud and Payments Expert, Scott Adams, wanted to create a different type of "consulting" company that would enable merchants of all sizes to get access to information, training and services generally only affordable to the largest merchants.

Scott's work (LinkedIn, Bio), always focused on CNP Fraud and Payments, with a wide variety of companies from video games (Riot Games, Epic Games) to his own Internet Marketing companies (ie. Net Detective) to building a Visa VMPI Facilitator (FraudPVP) to  finally, being an industry first, VP of Friendly Fraud at Kount (an Equifax company) has prepared him to create CNPMentors.

CNPMentors is the first step in this vision. The idea is to create a membership site that will include video/text content teaching topics in Fraud, Risk and Payments that merchants need along with access to expert level help via the community and/or Slack (or other) messaging channels. We will still offer high end hands on consulting when needed although many merchants will elect to use the less hands on services provided.

This model should allow merchants of all sizes to get help and also to learn the industry and the e-commerce payments and fraud ecosystem much quicker and easier and with less trial and error.

Our model is not set in stone and we will be making changes based on community feedback and performance. Please let us know of any comments or questions you may have.


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